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Your partner for Hydrodynamic and Hydraulic Research Projects

Are you working on an interesting hydrodynamic or hydraulic project? Perhaps we could take care of some aspects for you. We would like to provide our support for your research challenges (maritime, water, soil research, including scale models, wave & flow channels, tow vehicles, test rigs). We are looking forward to support you with any research challenges in near future. Since 1924 we are very strong in complex metalwork challenges. We go for the next level! Where others say no we like to say yes to your challenges. We like to think in terms of out-of-the-box solutions. Our years of experience and knowledge in hydrodynamic and hydraulic projects, supplemented with our expertise in other market areas (Prefab Concrete, Machinery and equipment construction, On- and offshore) make us a very reliable partner for your assignments. When can we help you?

See below an overview of some projects that we have successfully completed for organizations such as Marin and Deltares.  When can we help you?

We are happy to provide innovative solutions for:

  • Turn-key projects
  • Production lines and production optimization
  • Robotics & automation
  • Mould & product handling
  • Crane building
  • Frames & construction work
  • Lifting equipment
  • Machine and equipment construction
  • Modules and semi-finished products

For maritime and water and soil research projects we will carry out engineering, construction and assembly, as well as structural modifications on site. We have the expertise and facilities to make any required last-minute changes to the design. We accept that this cannot be avoided. Our professionals are flexible and will translate your requirements into your desired end product.

We can look back on many succesful test assemblies on behalf of internationally renowned research institutes. We will be happy to use the experience, knowledge and skills we have gained for your  projects in the research of water and subsoil. Our successful projects include:

Deltares: Delta flume, Scale models of lock chambers, Flow channel, Inspection flume, Vinje Bak, BGS flume, Scheldt flume, wave breakers, Piping pump chambers, Measuring vehicles for Delta flume 

Technical University of Delft: Dredging flume 

University of Antwerp: Flume 

Utrecht University: Tilt table Metronome 

EVFH: Tow vehicle

Do you have questions, or are you interested in what we can contribute to your project? If so, please contact us.
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