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Consmema: the expert in precast concrete moulds with 100 years of experience

Whether you are looking for a simple mould for stacking blocks or a complex and unique design, we are here for you. We design and realize innovative precast concrete moulds for any application you can think of. No challenge is too big for us: whether it involves special shapes, unique designs, high quality requirements, or minimal tolerances, our experience and innovative power always find a practical solution. Steel and concrete are our playgrounds, where we have been successfully operating for decades. Since 1924, we have been strong in complex metal works. Our team of specialists combines knowledge and capabilities to conceive and realize innovative solutions.


We see our customers as partners with whom we want to build sustainably. We are happy to invest in sustainable relationships for the long term and look forward to seeing you return. With our modern company building with a heat pump and a huge amount of solar panels, we produce our innovative solutions completely energy-neutral! Do you also want to start building sustainably? We are ready for the future, ready for you. When can we help you?

Precast moulds

Our portfolio in the field of precast moulds is growing rapidly, partly due to the increased demand for precast construction in recent years. As a specialist in precast concrete moulds, we offer a wide range of moulds, direct demoulding moulds, architectural moulds, column moulds, walls, (deck) floor moulds to 3D elements, garage boxes, environmental containers, grandstand elements, wind turbine shafts, and precast houses. Concrete factories rely on us for creative and efficient solutions, where we link proven techniques to new applications with our years of experience.

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Infrastructure Moulds

The requirements for artworks within infrastructural projects are getting higher. Think of noise barrier moulds, aqueduct moulds, levvel blocs moulds, sewer moulds, basement and shaft moulds. Our formworks meet these requirements, both in shape and aesthetics. With our formworks, we contribute to concrete masterpieces in our society.

Battery Moulds

Our battery moulds are flexible and user-friendly, designed for efficient production of various precast concrete products. With different options for side panels and bottom formwork, we offer customization for every need.

Houses / energy / Cabin 3D moulds

From small house cabins, energy cabins, prison cells, garage boxes, to housing elements, our moulds are known for their robust quality and dimensional stability. We engineer and produce in-house, making any shape achievable.

Stacking Block Moulds

With us, you will find stacking block moulds of robust quality. They are made of sturdy and solid sheet metal, ensuring they are always dimensionally stable and equipped with solid chamfered edges. Our moulds are used by numerous customers for manufacturing stackable Lego blocks. These blocks are ideal for various (temporary) applications, such as creating partition walls, storage sheds, sound barriers, and fire-resistant walls.

Carousel Tables

For the production of wide slab floors and precast walls, we also have extensive experience and offer custom carousel tables that meet the highest quality standards. Our systems guarantee efficient and quality production.

Tilting Tables

Our hydraulic custom tilting tables are ideal for the production of various products, such as soundproof walls. Customers appreciate the flexibility and quality that our tables offer. With our advanced hydraulic tilting tables, we offer clients the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of products. This includes walls with soundproofing properties. Our tilting tables are delivered fully installed and offer the option to add magnetic edges as an extra option. It is also possible to equip a tilting table with heating. Are you interested in what our tilting tables can mean for your production process? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Retaining Walls Moulds and Columns Moulds

Our moulds for retaining walls and columns are essential in civil engineering, road construction, and water management. They are low-maintenance and fully automatic to operate, ensuring sleek and aesthetically high-quality results. The retaining walls made with our moulds are used in various areas. They are not only used for different types of storage and as environmental facilities but also play an important role in road and water construction. We are ready to work with you and ensure that your projects are of the highest quality.

Moulds Environmental Containers and Production Lines

From protection for underground waste collection bins to complete production lines for wide slab floors, our moulds and systems offer innovative and efficient solutions for the precast concrete industry.

Crane Construction

In the world of construction and building, reliability is not an option, but a requirement. At CONSMEMA, we understand this like no other. With our years of experience in crane construction for the precast concrete industry, we have worked for a wide range of (international) clients. Our mission? To deliver not just hoisting installations, but innovative solutions that elevate your projects to a higher level.

Your Project, Our Concern

Are you currently working on an interesting project in which we could relieve you? To enable your company to ensure optimal production and reliable performance, we are happy to take care of your challenging projects from A to Z.

With nearly a century of experience, Consmema BV is the specialist in concrete moulds. For every challenge, we find a solution. Contact us and discover what we can do for your project.

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