In 1924, Consmema was started in the town of Hattem by Mr Van Veen Sr. In the 1960s and 1970s the basic simple blacksmith workshop became a welding company for maintenance of dredgers and extensive steel structures. 
In the mid-70s, Consmema moved to new premises in the ‘t Veen industrial park. The following period saw a growing number of customers (in various sectors) and increased machinery. Consmema supplied components to the machine and equipment construction industry, concrete moulds for the precast concrete industry and various large customized projects. 
The 1990s were very successful. Consmema worked for customers like Scania and Wärtsilä and employed 45 people. It focusses on investing in production equipment. 

Consmema, 2005-2017

As there was no successor within the Van Veen family, the current owner Johan Kooij took over the Consmema company in 2005. The first years after the takeover saw an increasing turnover, professionalisation and replacement of outdated machinery. 


In 2006 a new project administration system was introduced, followed by several certifications: ISO-9001 (in 2009) and ISO-3834 (in 2014). In 2012 Consmema acquired Rothi in Heerde, a supplier of machining operations. 


At the end of 2015, KTB-Machinery was established to boost turn-key projects in mechanical engineering. The added value that KTB-Machinery provides is knowledge of and experience in fully automated production lines including control systems. Its pragmatic approach, out of the box solutions and project management fit in perfectly well with Consmema and Rothi. 

Consmema, 2017-present

In January 2017, the current premises at Bedrijvenpark H2O in Hattemerbroek were started. This is a milestone for the Machinery Group which includes Consmema, Rothi and KTB-Machinery. Since late 2017 the three companies have shared their huge new production area.