About Us 

Since 1924 very strong in complex metalworks

For nearly 100 years, Consmema has been delivering high-quality products and thoughtful solutions in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We are an all-around partner that thinks in solutions and delivers efficient and high-quality production work. We relieve clients in various sectors with our customer-oriented and pragmatic approach: from engineering in 3D to (complex) welding constructions, mechanical sheet processing, construction work, and machining operations.

All-round professionals

We continuously invest in new technology and equipment. This way, we always have the most modern and efficient production processes at our disposal. With these, our versatile professionals can achieve optimal lead times and you as a customer have access to products of high-quality. Thanks to the innovative power of our engineering, combined with the use of 3D drawing programs, we continuously create smart and solid answers to complex issues. Also for efficient (executive) production work, you are at the right place with us. Consmema masters the entire process from engineering to production, assembly, service, and maintenance.

How can we relieve you?

Are you currently involved in a project where you are looking for a reliable partner for the construction of your products, metal works, or concrete molds?

We are ready to support you with:

  • Innovative welding constructions
  • Semi-finished products in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Engineering and production work
  • Certified welding work
  • Temporary extra production capacity

Our goal is not only to provide you with what you need but to work with you to realize your vision. Whether it’s about steel concrete molds / formwork, crane construction, frames & construction work, lifting and hoisting tools, machines and devices, or modules and semi-finished products, we are here to help you.

When can we welcome you?

Your project deserves the best care and expertise. Let us be your partner in realizing your ambitions. Contact us today and discover how we can support you in your next project. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you and relieving you with your metal works.