Machine frames, structural work, stairs and landings – P&G

Welded steel, stainless steel and aluminium structures and machine frames qualified under AWS for Proctor & Gamble

To our international customer P&G we delivered a complex platform construction in combination with heavy machinery girders and frames fully welded under AWS D1.1, D1.2 and D1.6.

The platform structure and frames were extensively inspected and verified during and after production by all parties involved and qualified for visual and non-destructive inspections.

After production, the various parts underwent internal and external post-processing where necessary and were then preserved with a special phenol burn-in coating. All of this in consultation with national and international partners in order to deliver the desired end product to P&G in the United States of America.

Technical Specifications

Project Machine frames, construction work, stairs and landings 
Customer Proctor & Gamble
Dimensions  20m x 8m x 8m 
Welding qualifications  AWS D1.1, D1.2 en D1.6
Material  Steel / Aluminium / Stainless steel 
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Machine frames, structural work, stairs and landings – P&G