A Strong Partnership


Total Care Provider for Hydrodynamic and Hydraulic Research Facilities

As a research institute for hydrodynamics and maritime technology, you have various research facilities at your disposal to perform model tests, simulations, measurements, and training. From inland navigation, deep water, vacuum, and high-speed tanks to offshore, sea state, and maneuvering basins, and perhaps a cavitation tunnel. Do you have plans for new construction or conversion in this area? At VSE Industrial Automation and Consmema, you are at the right place. Together we realize the right solution for your specific challenge so that you can achieve the best return and optimally serve customers now and in the future.

Proven Quality and Innovation

From mechanics to automation. As a total partner, we support maritime and naval architectural research institutions around the world with their research projects. For various clients, we have delivered state-of-the-art hydrodynamic and hydraulic research facilities. Our years of experience make us a reliable partner in this field.

Craftsmanship, Perfectly Integrated!

A flawlessly operating towing carriage consists of a solid mechanical construction combined with precise, up-to-date control. In both disciplines, we are the expert in the Netherlands. Mechanical engineering, construction, and assembly of solutions in (stainless) steel and aluminum are Consmema’s expertise. VSE Industrial Automation takes care of the engineering and implementation of high-end control and motion control solutions. Together we deliver custom work for, among other things, wave and current flumes, towing carriages, and numerous other research and test facilities. Where we seamlessly integrate the mechanics and the control part.

Involved from A to Z

Clients involve us at an early stage in their projects. We actively contribute ideas, switch quickly, and deliver our projects turnkey. Through our strong relationships with renowned suppliers, we guarantee short lead times combined with the highest quality. As a partner for maintenance and service, we keep our clients’ research facilities in prime condition even after commissioning!

Satisfied Clients

Domestically and abroad, we have helped various clients to their full satisfaction with the new construction or conversion of their research facilities. For example, MARIN engaged us for the retrofitting of several towing carriages. We also built a new aluminum towing carriage for MARIN for conducting noise measurements and offshore tests. It can accelerate rapidly, after which it is brought to a controlled stop. We are currently involved in the construction of a new towing carriage for the Maritime Research Center Ostend.

Consmema: Specialist in Complex Metal Works

As part of The Machinery Group, Consmema delivers high-quality products and solutions in (stainless) steel and aluminum. In 2025 we will celebrate our 100th anniversary. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists creates smart, solid answers to our clients’ complex questions. We build our mechanical constructions entirely in-house and carry out structural modifications on-site at clients. As an all-round partner, we master the entire process from engineering to production, assembly, service, and maintenance. We are known for our pragmatic, customer- and solution-oriented approach. In addition to research institutions, we serve clients from the prefab concrete industry, machinery and equipment construction, and the on- and offshore industry. Our services include 3D engineering and production of complex welding constructions, sheet metal processing, construction work, and machining operations. No project is too small or too large for us!

VSE Industrial Automation: Motion is Our Drive

As an industrial automator and motion control specialist, we have been realizing technical feats for clients from industry, infrastructure, construction, and the research world for almost 50 years. Our controls for installations and machines are precise, energy-efficient, and extremely reliable. Safety and cybersecurity also have our full attention. To this end, we work exclusively with software from the world’s largest and most renowned technology suppliers. For hydrodynamic and hydraulic research facilities, we prefer technology from Siemens: SIMOTION D for control and SINAMICS S120 for the drive.

For more information: www.vse.nl/consmema/