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26 October 2023

Recently, we had the opportunity to design, produce, deliver, and assemble a beautiful steel 3D concrete mould for our client, Mombarg Beton. The end result is impressive, another fine example of craftsmanship, which will contribute to smarter construction for tomorrow’s projects!

More details about this steel 3D concrete mould:

– Mould intended for 3D concrete unit with dimensions approx. 2,500 mm W x 4,500 mm L x 2,800 mm H. (Multiple applications possible, ask Mombarg Beton for the options)

– Hydraulically shrinkable inner walls / outer walls removable by crane

– Equipped with spacious and safe working platforms

– Approx. 50 pours in 2 size variants; convertible with adapters

– Design/production/assembly on site by Consmema

If you would like more information about this beautiful prefab 3D concrete unit or if you see potential for an application with this prefab 3D concrete unit, please feel free to contact Mombarg Beton.

@ Prefab Concrete Producers: If you currently need a custom steel concrete mold or if you have production optimization challenges for your production location, please contact us: www.consmema.nl We are happy to help with your challenge!

Choose sustainable construction. Choose The Machinery Group.


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Thanks to Mombarg Beton for trusting us with this great project!

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CONSMEMA to construct wave flume for experimental scale model research for Hydraulic Laboratory, Antwer

4 July 2023

Consmema of Hattemerbroek (NL) began the start-up phase for the construction of the new wave flume for the Hydraulic Laboratory in Antwerp in January 2023. The new wave flume will be completed in early 2024.

A wave flume is a long narrow wave installation in a laboratory in which waves are simulated to scale. A scale model (of a seawall or similar) is built into a wave flume to study the impact of waves on this structure. A wave flume can be small (e.g. 20m long and 0.50m wide) or large (e.g. 200m long and 5m wide).

The new wave flume in Antwerp has a total length of 84 meters and is being built in an existing building of the Hydraulic Laboratory in Antwerp.

Technical Specifications

Project Wave flume
Client Hydraulics Laboratory (Department of mobility & public works)
Capacity/size Length: 84 m, Width: 2 m, Height: 2.5 m
Disciplines Design, production, assembly
Material Steel, concrete and glass


· Location wave flume in hall 3 of Hydraulic Laboratory in Antwerp

· Inside dimensions wave flume 84 x 2 x 2.5 m (L x W x H)

· Transparent sections: 2 x 6 x 2.5 m, 1 x 37.5 x 1.5 m hall side and 1x 19.5 x 1.5 m wall side (L x H)

· Controlled filling emptying system with 3 inlets and outlets in floor (continuously variable filling flow rate 10…100 m3/h) with precise water level control +/ 1 mm in wave flume

· Access platform with 2x access stairs

· Cabin on access platform with central control statio

· 1x loading gate, allowing rolling stock to enter the trial are

· Overhead safety system, controls and other E facilities

About the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

The Hydraulics Laboratory, part of Department of mobility & public works, studies the impact of human activity and nature on water systems and the effects on navigation and water-related infrastructure.

For more information about the Hydraulic Laboratory, see:


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26 May 2023


We look forward to your visit.

BetonTage at a glance

The BetonTage are Europe’s largest precast congress that provides attendees with a comprehensive knowledge platform by combining the congress program with an industry exhibition. Each year, about 2,000 attendees from 20 countries join this industry gathering at the Edwin-Scharff-Haus Congress Center and thoroughly enjoy the personal touch and pleasant atmosphere at the event. This long-standing congress features a high-profile agenda, renowned speakers and a fully booked exhibition of the engineering, software and supplier industries. Product-specific panels provide key insights into latest trends in concrete technology, manufacturing processes and standardization. Yet there are a lot more opportunities to share experience and expertise, engage in talks and network with peers and business partners.

You will meet:

  • Senior managers from concrete and precast businesses and construction contractors
  • Experts from academia and research, public-sector representatives
  • Specifiers and designers from architects’ and engineers’ offices
  • Quality control specialists

The exhibition covers the following segments:

  • Manufacturing and conveying equipment and machinery
  • Automation, control systems, quality control
  • Additives and admixtures, concrete chemistry and surface finishing
  • Reinforcement, fastening and anchoring systems
  • Formwork and embedded parts
  • Associations and service providers

Save the dates

The BetonTage congress in the future:

67. BetonTage

20 to 22 June 2023

Congress Centrum Ulm (CCU)

Basteistraße 40

89073 Ulm, Germany

For more information: www.betontage.com

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27 March 2023

Are you currently working on an interesting hydrodynamic or hydraulic project in which we could take part and take care of some or all aspects? We would like to provide our support for your research challenges (maritime, water, soil research, including scale models, wave & flow channels, tow vehicles, test rigs).

Some of our successful hydrodynamic and hydraulic projects include
– Deltares: Delta flume, Scale models of lock chambers, Flow channel, Inspection flume, Vinje Bak, BGS flume, Scheldt flume, wave breakers, Piping pump chambers, Measuring vehicles for Delta flume 
– Technical University of Delft: Dredging flume 
– University of Antwerp: Flume 
– Utrecht University: Tilt table Metronome 
– EVFH: Tow vehicle


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17 February 2023

The 24th BIBM Congress will take place in Amsterdam! From the 27th to the 29th of September 2023 the congress will be held in the Dutch capital – the “Venice of the North”. The congress will be under the slogan “Green | Digital | Resilient | Precast Concrete Solutions”. Congress language is English. More information will follow, stay tuned.

We like to meet you at our stand 37!

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Consmema to construct new tow vehicle for maritime research center Ostend.

7 October 2022

Consmema in Hattemerbroek will build a tow vehicle for the maritime research center in Ostend. The Flemish government, together with KULeuven and UGent, are conducting research on the influence of waves, tides and wind on vessels and objects in the sea. The tow vehicle is unique in the world and will be delivered turn-key by the end of 2022.

The research facility in Ostend includes a large towing tank and a coastal and ocean basin. The towing tank is the only one in the world in which fully automatic maneuvering tests can be carried out in shallow water with ship models up to 8 meters long. In the maximum water depth of 1 meter, waves can be generated with an amplitude of up to 20 centimeters. The tow vehicle that Consmema will build resembles a fully automated train set. The structure weighs nearly 100 tons, is 23 meters wide, nearly 4 meters high and can tow ship models through the water at high speed.

Because of the low water level and the required scale of the tests, this vehicle must be very stiff and the axles must be built with extreme precision. To allow the scale models in the towing tank to move in all directions, the tow vehicle is equipped with axles for lateral movement, elevation and rotation. “It is like building a mega-large milling machine with a stroke of 174 meters in the X direction and 20 meters in the Y direction,” says Consmema director Johan Kooij.

Towing tank unique in the world

The towing tank for which Consmema’s tow vehicle is being built is 174 meters long and 20 meters wide. This is a lot larger than the current towing tank at the Flemish government’s Hydraulic Laboratory in Antwerp. This was built in 1991 for testing ships up to 300 meters long and with a capacity for 5,000 containers. Many current ships are over 400 meters and have a capacity for 25,000 containers. Consmema will assemble the complete tow vehicle in its premises in Hattemerbroek, after which it will be partially disassembled and transported to Ostend.

About Consmema
Consmema are suppliers of high quality steel, aluminum and stainless steel products. We have experience with large-scale research projects world-wide. The company is part of The Machinery Group and is located in Hattemerbroek, Netherlands. Consmema and partners will deliver this multi-million dollar project turn-key at the end of 2022.

About the maritime research center
The maritime research center is located on the grounds of Plassendale 1, in the inner port of Ostend, and is part of the Hydraulic Laboratory, a division of the Department of Mobility and Public Works. For more than 80 years, this laboratory has been a centre of expertise for research and consulting on hydraulic, nautical, hydraulic, sediment-related and hydrological issues. The Flemish government, together with UGent and KULeuven, conduct essential research for shipping and the accessibility of the Flemish seaports.

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Proud to support the CeleRacingTeam!

5 April 2022

This year the CeleRacingTeam consisting of 16 students and 2 accompanying lecturers of the Gymnasium Celeanum in Zwolle, will participate in the Shell Eco prototype race. They will compete in the prototype class this year. This class is all about designing the most energy-efficient vehicle; Comfort is less important. They are building the vehicle in collaboration with students from Windesheim College. Windesheim students will be involved in the design of the the battery.

For more information, see the website http://www.celeracing.nl/

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Breakwater blocks for the IJsselmeer Dam (Afsluitdijk) in production 

10 March 2022

The first concrete breakwater block for the Afsluitdijk! Last week, construction consortium Levvel proudly presented the concrete breakwater element. Consmema developed the concrete moulds for the consortium. 

Concrete moulds 

We may say that this projects runs smoothly. In fact, the concrete moulds move through the plant on carts. During that process, the blocks have the time to harden properly. They are then stacked by a crane for their final hardening period. Eventually, a pontoon ships these Levvel Blocs to the Afsluitdijk. 

Protecting the Afsluitdijk 

We are dealing with rising sea levels. To protect the Afsluitdijk for the next 100 years, the innovative concrete wave breaker elements were designed. In the coming years, Levvel will install 75,000 of these breakwaters on the dike. 

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