Ebb and flow simulator – University of Antwerp 


Researchers of the mesocosm facility of the University of Antwerp study biological and ecological under water processes. They use different models to control the flow rate and temperature of the water. Their latest acquisition is an innovative ebb and flow simulator, produces by Consmema. 

Ebb and flow simulator: effect on ecosystem 

The new 20m ebb and flow simulator is used to simulate real conditions and observe the effects on ecological processes in the Scheldt. 

The Great Flume is a flow channel to simulate and study the tides, plant growth and element exchange. Its set-up consists of a concrete construction + reservoir with a stainless steel test section fitted with glass windows for observation purposes. The test section includes a sunken section for sediment and vegetation. 

Water is pumped around the test section by means of a horizontal propeller pump, in conjunction with a control valve to regulate the desired flow rates. 

Like to know more? 

The Flume is also available to outside companies and research institutions. For more information about the University of Antwerp and the Flume go to www.uantwerpen.be/mesodrome 

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