Facade element moulds – Eandistip Mechelen 


On seeing these photos, many Dutch people are reminded of Amsterdam, our capital. Nothing could be further from the truth. We developed and produced these two moulds in collaboration with the Belgian company Verheyen Beton. 

It is a concrete element for the facade of a parking garage (Eandistip). Its architectural character is not only in the form, but also in its external appearance. This is created by a light colour composition of the concrete mix. Also, after pouring, part of the concrete element is “washed out. All this, of course, requires a mould with a high perfection of finish. 

The concrete product consists of 2 or 3 X-shapes, which are joined in an upper beam. These upper beams were used to connect the elements to the parking deck. The elements were assembled at the construction site by means of lugs and cut-outs. The largest element is a 4×8m. 

The mould includes provisions for approximately 20 varying elements. These variations range from small joint details on the bottom of the mould, local cut-outs to length variation on the top beam and complete adjustment of the thickness of the top beam. There are also two variants showing only the top half of the ‘X’. 

To demould the product, the side frames did not need to be removed. This significantly reduced handling time and the number of lifting motions. For this purpose, the moulds were provided with spindles that allowed them to be turned onto the end stops again after demoulding so that the mould regained the right size and shape. The two frames between the crosses can be shrunk by means of a wedge-shaped intermediate section. 

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Technical Specifications

Year  2021
Eandistip parkeergarage
Disciplines  Design; production 
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Facade element moulds – Eandistip Mechelen