Garage box moulds – Juwel 


Consmema develops and produces moulds for the production of concrete garages. The dimensions are 2.8m wide and 2.5m high. Their lengths range from 3 to 7.5m. 

The garages are cast vertically monolithically. After pouring and curing, the product is tilted out of the mould. The garage ready for immediate finishing then. 

In order to meet the high production rate, Consmema has developed a mould that can cast 5 garages per day. This is achieved by a combination of vibratory compaction and mould heated by using steam lines. 

The mould is operated hydraulically. A compensation system ensures that it will open properly even when expanded by high temperatures. Specialist welding guarantees the long life of the moulds and their high-quality products. 

Currently we are producing the 3rd complete mould for our partner Juwel Fertiggaragen located in Kamp Lindfort. We joined forces to make the development and production very successful. 

Technical Specifications

Description  Garage box mould 
Dimensions 6x3m / 7x3m
Disciplines  Engineering, production, assembly 
Material  Steel
Engineering  Hydraulic 
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Garage box moulds – Juwel